Infection & Immunity

  • Lymphocyte Stat1 and immunity against Listeria monocytogenes
  • Gene regulation by Stat1 isoforms in immunity against infection
  • Kinase-inactive Tyk2 and IFN-II production-mediated immunity

Hematopoietic Malignancies & Tumor Immune Surveillance

  • Oncogenic Jak2 and/or Stat5: cooperation with haplo-insufficient loss of tumour suppressors
  • Tumour suppressing activity of Stat1 in leukemogenesis
  • NK cell-mediated tumour surveillance: canonical and non-canonical Tyk2 or Stat1 activities

Molecular Mechanisms of Canonical &
Non-canonical Jak-Stat Action

  • Stat1 isoform-specific transcriptional activity
  • Stat1 / NFκB cooperativity and chromatin remodelling
  • Tyk2 and Stat1: non-canonical effects on NK cell biology