Vetmeduni Science Day 2019

On November 27th 2019, Science was celebrated as part of the Science Day at Vetmeduni Vienna with a keynote by Nuno Maulide (UniVienna), awards for outstanding scientific work, the kick-off of the entrepreneurial Vetmed initiative and networking among researchers.

Rectorate of Vetmeduni Vienna honors employees and their scientific performance scientists by awarding internal science prizes for “invention of the year”, “most cited scientist”, “highest third-party funding” and the "major project of the year" with internal science prizes. The prizes were awarded according to the different career stage, in clinical and non-clinical categories, as well as in two age groups (younger than 35 years and older than 35 years). Of note, Richard Moriggle and Heidi Neubauer, from the Department of Functional Cancer Genomics, won Prizes for “most cited scientist” in the non-clinical category. Pictures of the event can be found here.