Transcriptional networking of STAT1 isoforms


Most STAT proteins exist as a full-length α-isoform and a β-isoform that lacks the C-terminal transactivation domain (TAD). Although it is established that the β-isoforms are transcriptionally active, their mechanism of action and specificity are unclear. We will investigate the role of the individual STAT1 isoforms in different layers of gene regulation, including the establishment/activation of enhancers, networking with other TFs, interaction with co-factors and recruitment of the basal transcriptional machinery. The work will be performed in bone marrow-derived macrophages (under basal conditions and in response to IFNγ).

Our major goal is to evaluate the functional consequences on gene expression when naïve CD4+ T cells are activated, building on the finding that STAT1 isoforms are subject to a unique regulation in T cells.

Within the proposed project we investigate STAT1 isoform-specific TF and chromatin regulatory functions.



Department of Biomedical Sciences, Institute of Animal Breeding and Genetics
University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna, Vetmeduni Vienna

A-1210 Vienna